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Talon Products LLC

We look forward to introducing our fiberglass services and capabilities to Northern Indiana, the towable RV and motor-home market, and beyond.

Almost there!

Construction of our future facilities is in its final stages. We're excited that this venture will soon become a reality.

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Lead Machine Operators

If you have fiberglass experience with gel coat, resin and glass processes, please consider making a move to join our team. We need operators for various departments, including Lead Operators who will be trained and then will become the trainers.

We will have a highly automated production environment. The job requires monitoring equipment and processes, providing a different work experience than other companies in the area.

We will be located in a new building with all new equipment. Our focus will be on our people, offering competitive wages, a full benefits package and an attractive work environment; and on our customers, by delivering a high quality product and services.

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1690 Commerce Drive, PO Box 508

Bristol, Indiana 46507